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Our Arts Programs

Our specialist programs in the creativity arena are Performing Arts and Visual Arts.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts covers all elements of the Performing Arts curriculum which are Dance, Drama, Music and Media. This is enhanced by a comprehensive instrumental music teaching program which includes violin, drums, voice, keyboard and guitar lessons. The children are encouraged to join the various singing and choir groups on offer. We are entertained regularly at our school assemblies by student performances and also at our mid-year and end of year soirees.

All students participate in a whole school performance every second year. This is a wonderful experience for the students as it provides the opportunity for them to perform on a real stage in front of a very large audience. Class teams come together as one to make this event truly memorable.

Alice in Wonderland Jnr .jpg

Visual Arts

Visual Arts caters for the artist in everyone. The program is diverse and provides opportunities for students to explore their creativity resulting in some very artistic works. We enjoy the colourful art displays across the school which enriches and brightens our environment.

The Art program is celebrated each year by our amazing Art Expo which showcases our students’ talent. This is a wonderful school event which is enjoyed by the school community.  We take pride in the artwork that our students create as can be seen in the below collage during remote learning.

Visual Arts Remote Learning.jpg
Visual Arts Remote Learning 2.jpg
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